Benefit Illustration System

A Comprehensive Application for Illustration and Advisory

Our configuration engine reduces product launch time to just under 3 days with flexible set-up panels. We have further enhanced it with proposal from configurator to handle new business process.

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benefit illustration
benefit illustration

Suitable For

I.T. Department

Sales Team

Product Teams

Solving the Right Problems

Our products are designed for solving the right problem for users. We have focused on highly specific problems, taking care on everything from basic R&D and product development.

Innovation at its peak

For more than 10 years our innovations have been effective to the most significant technology advancements and market transitions.

innovation at its peak

Proprietary configuration engine

Our product can be used across multiple use cases and the industry’s requirements.

Advanced advisory modules

Make use of intelligent and well-structured API configurations that run seamlessly across multiple product lines.

Automated front ends

Fully compatible for illustration generation and advisory with the wide and varrying array of products available in the market.

Platform's Capabilities

Discover the modeling, automation and integration capabilities of the platform and how we can help you reach your digital transformation goals.

Platform's Modules

We have created innovative and advance modules allows you to create business rules and our platform brings independence, scalability and disruptive


Our products can be used across multiple use cases and industry requirements.


Launch product within 1 week

Oh yes. It is as quick as that. Entire illustration for a product can be done within 1 day. Try it for yourself

Increase productivity - Meet more people, more sales

Reduced TAT results in time for meeting more people, which leads to more sales. If used efficiently then application can help impact sales substantially.

Automate and intelligent advisory

Even in digital world why shall advisors manually try and match quotations. Our intelligent algorithms are here to serve your advisors and customers.

Higher TAT per sales by >90%

Intelligence advisory algorithms can save lot of manual activity and reduce meetings per sale thus reducing sales cycle from 3 weeks to just under 10 – 15 minutes.

Don’t sell products, create solutions

Give customers what they need and not what you have. Our advanced modules help in creating solutions using different products.

Build to handle volumes

High concurrency support, quick calculations, speedy response

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