Sales Illustration System
A configurable back-end to handle multiple use cases without any duplication of efforts
Every insurance company requires a sales illustration tool through which customers can be shown a projected calculation of product and benefits. Most of the times it is built to handle regulatory requirements. However an illustration system can serve much bigger purpose.
An illustration system is a quotation engine which can truly Empower advisors and advisor platforms. If it is properly built then it can help in Acquiring new distributors through easy integrations.
It can help in Advanced advisory modules to create custom solution than just selling products and many such use cases.
Our illustration system is built to handle
All such possible use cases using single back-end thus completely eliminating duplication of efforts, testing requirements etc.
Key Differentiators
A fully integrated automated advisory
It is not just a sales illustration system but a fully integrated advisory tool which manages not only backend but front end and advanced algorithms.
API based : Single back-end, multiple front-ends
Application is completely API based making it easy to integrate. It avoids duplication of code, empowers quick distribution tie-ups and eases process.
Front end automatically configured
A web app to generate illustrations takes a lot of time to build. But no more! Our application automatically builds front end and much more.
Beautiful and graphical reports
A sales illustration is not a mere collection of numbers but core offering. It needs to be illustrated for easy understanding. We do just that.
Advanced modules
A congruent and standardised illustration system can truly empower advisors, automate sales and drive digital push.
Functional experts can use
The beauty of application is that it does not need any IT expertise. Functional experts can configure products thus saving time and reducing dependency.
Automated testing
Testing takes as much time as it takes for coding. We just make it so simple that one can complete testing within 5 minutes.
Business Values
Oh yes. It is as quick as that. Entire illustration for a product can be done within 1 day. Try it for yourself.
Give customers what they need and not what you have. Our advanced modules help in creating solutions using different products.
Even in digital world why shall advisors manually try and match quotations. Our intelligent algorithms are here to serve your advisors and customers.
Intelligence advisory algorithms can save lot of manual activity and reduce meetings per sale thus reducing sales cycle from 3 weeks to just under 10 – 15 minutes.
Reduced TAT results in time for meeting more people, which leads to more sales.
High concurrency support, quick calculations, speedy response.
Platform Capabilities
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