Automated Sales Advisory
Complete automation of advisory through advanced algorithms leadings to efficiency and consistency
In the past few years there have been several innovations on distribution and technology front. However, advisory has remained the same. It is still largely driven by advisor or tele-caller. Intermediary still has to spend considerable time in generating suitable quotations and build suitable solution for customers.
All this manual activity can easily be eliminated with the use of technology. Our advisory platform is powered by a very strong and standardised rule engine and advanced algorithms. Using this one can easily suggest suitable output based on a few basic inputs
Such platform can be extremely useful to empower advisors as well as build an intelligent online advisory platform.
Key differentiators
Our sales illustration system is not just a backend rules configurator but a completely integrated application which is built to improve productivity and sales efficiency
Key Differentiators
Automated advisory algorithm
Algorithms which suggest suitable solution along with amount to be invested, horizon of investment and other such parameters based on a customer need.
Standardised back-end product rule engine
Intelligent advisory can only be built if products are configured in a standardised manner. Our backend is built to handle various complexities and yet maintain the standard.
Goal based simplified calculators
We have simplified calculators for various financial goals such as education, retirement, lifetime value, house, wealth accumulation and so on.
Premium based and Target based advisory modules
Customers’ requirements are often simple, such as investing a certain amount or accumulating a certain target amount. We have just the solution to handle this.
Can empower any custom advisory module
Apart from the modules already built-in, our system can easily power new customer modules as well.
Bussiness Values
From 4 weeks to just 15 minutes. Yes it can be as efficient as that.
It can be extremely empowering for all your digital initiatives be it B2C web based advisory or process excellence.
Advisors need not spend time creating solutions. They can get it at the click of a button.
Algorithms and advisory logic is controlled from central office which ensures better and consistent output.
Automated algorithms generate personalised solution for every individual customer need ensuring great customer satisfaction and experience.
Centralised control over the process, helps curtail wrongful selling practices.
Platform Capabilities
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