Policy Bank
Now Every Advisor can compete with online aggregators... and do much more.
A database of 600+ life insurance products from 23 Insurance companies. All in one place.
PolicyBank is a Detailed Product Comparison Tool for Every Advisor
Mass Comparison
You can compare categories such as Term, Endowment, Moneyback etc. from various Life Insurance companies.
Multi Product Comparison
Intelligent, detailed and Beautiful comparison
Compare any two Products from across the industry. The comparison is detailed.
Intelligent, Detailed And Beautiful Comparison
Detailed Information
Comparison is quite detailed with information regarding premium, benefits, ratios etc
Complete benefit illustration as well
Detailed Benefit illustrations too are included along with comparisons.
Filters And Sorting
You can filter the results and sort them according to your own requirements
A Simple Scorecard to Summarise all the benefits and costs of products
Understanding each product is difficult. And then comparing savings products is even more difficult. So we simplify it for you.
We have built a scorecard for each product taking into account benefits and features of the product.
Detailed side by side comparison of up to 4 products
Policybank lets you compare upto 4 products on a single page.
The comparison is made on the various parameters essential for the customers
Each product is provided a score on the basis of various features and benefits. This score card can be customized as per the client.
Want to Find Comparison for Your Favourite Product?
Step 1 : Choose your favourite product
Choose the product of your choice which you want to compare with similar products and put the inputs
Step 2 : We show comparable products
We show you all the comparable products and also products better and worse than your products.
Step 3 : Detailed Comparison with 3 Others
You can custom choose any 3 products with which you can compare your favourite product and share with customers
A Product Page : Know Everything About the Product
Product page which gives all the information such as features and ready reckoner. Moreover it also has inbuilt premium calculator and Benefit illustration
Company Information : Comparison is not just about Product
Customers don’t just buy product but also the promise by the company. Hence customers want to know about the company. We get you all the relevant information about claims, complaints, company size and solvency
You can email comparison to any customer and he can view it for next 24 hours
All the relevant features for easier navigation
Get product of your choice on top
Features and Details
Tell people some really good features and specifications about your product in this amazing section.
Graphical representation of benefit Illustration for easier understanding
We show you comparability score for your chosen base product
You can get access for multiple users in your company
Detailed company information for better decision making
We keep our database up to date with all the new products launched
Along with comparison we show detailed BI as well.