Integrated Aggregation Platform
Want to start your own insurance aggregation? Let us handle the complexity so you can focus on business.
Digitization has changed the insurance distribution landscape completely. Keeping pace with this our tools allow comparison of different products across various insurance companies.
Now comparisons are available at the click of a button through insurance aggregation.
Aggregation platforms are the need of the hour for every broker and distributor, be it for empowering internal sales team or making it directly available to customers through website.
The seamless integration of automated advisory with our aggregation platform seperates us from the rest.
Key Differentiators
Our sales illustration system is not just a backend rules configurator but a completely integrated application which is built to improve productivity and sales efficiency
Key Differentiators
Configurable back-end to handle product variations
Addition of products, version changes, complex formulas; everything is ably handled by our back end.
Common APIs Across All Products
The biggest benefit of our system is that it has one common API across all products thus making it extremely easy to launch tab / mobile versions which requires much less maintenance.
Not Just Comparison But Intelligent Advisory Algorithms
Aggregation platforms cannot be just simple comparison tools but they have to be intelligent enough to transform customer requirements into intelligible suggestions. Our algorithms help you do just that.
Single Back-End And Multiple Front-Ends
Single back-end powers multiple front-ends without a hitch
Bussiness Values
An integrated aggregation platform coupled with strong CRM in the backend.
Add products faster with configuration engine in under 1 day. This can give you an edge which is difficult to achieve.
Aggregation is just a collection of multiple product comparisons. This is not that. It is an intelligent platform which handholds and guides customers.
Aggregation is just collection of multiple product comparison. This is not that. It is an intelligent platform which handholds and guides customers.
Building a platform from scratch takes time and lot of cost. We have already done the hard work which is available at a very affordable cost
Platform Capabilities
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